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Can I put a tip for my massage therapist on my

credit card?​

​Sorry, our credit card machine can not take tips because we accept medical Health Saving Account (HSA & FSA) payments. If you wish to tip your massage therapist they all accept cash. Most also accept electronic payments by cell phone (Venmo or Zelle).

Carson City, NV

I was involved in an auto accident.  Can I get chiropractic & massage therapy to help me heal? Can you bill the auto insurance/my attorney?

Yes, we treat and have helped many patients that have been injured in auto accidents.  We can bill auto insurance companies directly and we accept attorney liens for Personal Injury patients. This is by appointment only.

Do you accept private health insurance for payment?

Unfortunately, we do not bill private health insurance plans directly.

Do you take prescriptions from other physicians for massage therapy?

Yes, we offer massage therapy in a clinical setting and our therapists are able to help with chronic pain management, post surgery and prenatal massage care.

Do you accept Health Savings Account (HSA)/Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards?

Yes, we accept HSA and FSA cards as payment for chiropractic & massage services.

Massage Therapy

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Do you offer couples massage?
Not at this time.  We do offer two people at the same time in two different rooms.

Can I buy a Gift Certificate?
Yes, Gift Certificates are available for massages! There are online Gift Certificates that you can customize and print out yourself (redeemable online and in person) or Gift Certificates for sale in the office (only redeemable in person-choose "Pay at time of service" if you book online).